Development of sri lanka as a maritime hub

‘maritime hub’ would then be the center or the focal point of maritime activities in mahindachintana ‘vision for the future’, the development policy framework of the government of sri lanka, he the president has spelled out his. The conference deliberations also explored the investment opportunities coupled with the development of sri lanka as the south asia’s maritime hub and logistics centre the event was hosted by the sri lanka ports authority. President mahinda rajapaksa had a broad vision when he decided that sri lanka should become a maritime hub since the port sector development facilitates the rapid expansion of the national economy, parliamentarian namal rajapaksa said. Minister ranawaka said that sri lanka will become a maritime hub, as it was in historical times, when the new infrastructure developments come into playhe said sri lanka was conveniently located in the middle of the indian ocean and close to international sea lanes that carry goods and vital material like petroleum to energy starved nations of. Js maritime lanka (pvt) ltd is a company incorporated in sri lanka in 2011 under the companies act of no 07 of 2007 the main business is of the company is to act as the agents for leading shipping lines and providing ship supply services.

Goal is to turn sri lanka into a strategically important economic hub in the areas of maritime, aviation, commerce, energy and knowledge, which will enable the country to serve as a key link. For ranaja, a young man from the seaside town of hambantota in southern sri lanka, the maritime silk road has transformed his hometown, known for its deep-water port. A highway built by china threads almost all the way from colombo, the capital of sri lanka, to this scruffy fishing town on the country's southern tip, where buddhist chants mark the time of day. Sitting in the southern coast of sri lanka, the hambantota port is only 10 nautical miles from a busy shipping route in the indian ocean however, development of the port was delayed for some time, plagued by a decades-long civil war and a lack of funds, technology and expertise.

Lanka, new maritime hub of indian ocean by shirajiv sirimane three decades ago, the opposition including the jvp was crying 'kolombata kiri apita kekiri' meaning that development projects focused on colombo and the suburbs while the south was ignored. China will make a multi-billion dollar investment in several port related projects in sri lanka, including a new us$601m container terminal in hambantota port and the us$14bn development of colombo as a “port city. “it is a completely new city that will nearly double the size of colombo right now,” says janaka wijesundara, a former director at sri lanka’s urban development authority. Sri lanka is strategically located on the main east-west shipping route, positioning colombo as a favorable candidate for south asia’s transshipment hub hanif yusoof, chief executive officer of expolanka group - among the biggest freight forwarders in the country - adds that colombo’s efficiency levels are among the best in the region.

Maritime & transport business solutions (mtbs), a consultancy firm from the netherlands, began developing sri lanka’s national master plan for the country’s port sector on november 30, 2016 mtbs has been awarded the contract to develop the master plan by the asian development bank (adb) and sri. Senior advisor for global alliance for trade facilitation eric miller said that sri lanka’s location advantage is necessary, but not sufficient condition for becoming a maritime and logistics hub in the region. With the signing of the agreement, the colombo port city development project was newly renamed as the colombo international financial city with the government stating that the project would transform sri lanka into an international financial hub in the indian ocean region. A: sri lanka is a signatory to international maritime organization (imo) conventions that pertain to a comprehensive regulatory framework it recently adopted international mandates to reduce operational issues, promote safety, protect the environment and conduct sustainable business.

Development of sri lanka as a maritime hub

“sri lanka has been planning to establish a financial and business hub in the indian ocean and we selected the port city to be the location (for this) so from a landfill and real estate. Port of colombo with colombo international container terminal by rehan fernando following the launch of vision 25 which outlines the government’s economic development program, there were many thoughts and discussions over making sri lanka a maritime hub. Sri lanka’s logistics strengths situated in the indian ocean, along some of the world’s busiest shipping routes and close to india, sri lanka has a distinct locational advantage, which should see it develop into a key shipping centre and logistics hub in south asia (see sri lanka: an emerging logistics hub in south asia)despite being a small economy, with a total trade amounting to about. Sri lanka should position itself as regional hub and take advantage of emerging markets colombo, april 26, 2016 – while sri lanka has been successful in establishing and growing its apparel manufacturing industry, more can be done to realize its potential as a regional hub and to continue to boost.

  • Strategically located at a key midpoint for trade and as a major logistics hub for naval and coastguard visits from around the world, the potential for sri lanka’s role in regional maritime.
  • The government has planned to make sri lanka a maritime hub with the objective of exploiting the true potential of ocean and inland water resources for the development of the country.

Sri lanka need to grow as a shipping maritime hub by mr dinesh de silva, chairman import section of ccc sri lanka have already introduced a hub act and also have declared colombo and hambanthota ports. (lbo) – sri lanka’s first ever international maritime conference concluded over the weekend leaving policy makers an array of thoughts on how to transform the island into a maritime hub. Singapore is a city-state located in south east asia singapore is strategically located at one of the most important shipping lines in the world located between the indian ocean on one end and the south chinese sea and pacific ocean on the other end.

development of sri lanka as a maritime hub The sri lankan shipping sector with relevant infrastructure in place has potential, to tap into the regional growth and emerge as the maritime hub of the region, chairman elect ceylon association of ships agents ralph anandappa said on being elected to chair the association for the current year.
Development of sri lanka as a maritime hub
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