Nt intervention aboriginal policy australia

Leaders from the uniting aboriginal and islander christian congress, rev ken sumner and rev shayne blackman, and the president of the uniting church in australia, rev alistair macrae, have added their signature to a statement from prominent australians urging a new approach to the policies of the northern territory intervention which secure, rather than violate, the rights of australia's. Of australian aboriginal welfare policy alan duhs & laura davidoff published online: 7 april 2009 emergency intervention into australia’s northern territory (nt), as a response to capabilities, rights and justice in australian aboriginal welfare policy 25. The australian government is currently considering passing legislation that will undermine the human rights of indigenous communities in the northern territory for the next 10 years the “stronger futures” legislation will maintain many parts of the northern territory intervention a policy that has attracted united nations condemnation for its racial discrimination against aboriginal.

Abstract in 2007, australia’s commonwealth government took a dramatic new approach to the governance of remote indigenous communities the ‘northern territory intervention’ aimed to combat abuse and violence in remote indigenous communities, and included far-reaching changes to welfare administration, employment programmes and policing. At the very least, the recent intervention by the australian government into the northern territory — the emergency response — has opened a space for a more realistic debate about choices in aboriginal policy. The intervention was seen as necessary to protect children ( johns, 2008 thill, 2009), but it is argued here that it was no more necessary than anywhere else in australia.

1 the northern territory intervention the real agenda: the dream of real jobs and real services for northern australia professor frank brennan sj ao. For decades, from the earliest days of colonisation, to aboriginal protection boards, the stolen generations, the northern territory intervention, and its successor, the stronger futures legislation, a common thread has weaved through aboriginal policy: the patronising and corrosive notion that governments know better. The working group for aboriginal rights (wgar) publishes wgar news which monitors the media focusing on the australian federal government intervention into northern territory (nt) aboriginal communities along with other aboriginal rights issues.

When the howard government announced the intervention, it was in response to the 2007 little children are sacred report, which outlined serious problems of child abuse and neglect in remote nt aboriginal communities the report included 97 proposals to begin to address social problems that can lead to abuse and neglect. Anti-nt intervention protestthe migration of aborigines from the northern territory in australia reveals the unpopularity of the government's intervention which has torn aboriginal families apart, reduced access to basic public services, and replaced 50% of welfare payments made to all residents with gift cards that could only be used at major retailers and only be spent on food and clothing. We acknowledge australian aboriginal people and torres strait islander people as the first inhabitants of the nation, and acknowledge traditional owners of the lands where our staff and students live, learn and work. Northern territory intervention 2007 chaired by pat anderson and rex wild qc into abuse and neglect of aboriginal children in the northern territory based on the second damaging distortion was that the indigenous populations of the nt was exceptionally likely to abuse aboriginal children the australian institute of family studies.

Nt intervention aboriginal policy australia

As a legal service and justice agency the north australian aboriginal justice agency (naaja) has a strong interest in the development of appropriate and effective alcohol policy and legislation. Aboriginality and the violence of colonialism irene watson in the discussions leading up to the 2007 nt intervention aboriginal land rights in the northern territory were referred to as being backward and disadvantageous to aboriginal aboriginal law the australian courts have contributed to the harm that. If you compare federal government responses to the issue of child sexual assault in immigration detention centres with responses in aboriginal communities (the nt intervention and the closures of wa communities), you will notice some major inconsistencies.

Nt intervention: aboriginal australians take their case to the un it is not surprising that aboriginal australians who have been denied justice in australia will now embark upon a complaint to. Nicholas biddle australian national university at first glance, the most recent review of government expenditure on aboriginal and torres strait island australians is quite staggering it estimates that direct expenditure was a$334 billion, an increase of around 237% since the first report in 2008-09 (taking into account inflation.

Australian human rights law and policy business and human rights what is the northern territory intervention aboriginal land rights (northern territory) act 1976 native title act 1993(cth) northern territory self-government act and related legislation. Nt intervention seen as 'act of war' on aboriginal people, nova peris says indigenous former senator says policy was ‘partly about a land grab under the guise of other things that demonised us. 10 point plan to improve nt intervention (march 2008) pornography restrictions to further protect aboriginal children in the nt (february 2008) statement by the aboriginal and torres strait islander social justice commissioner on the prime minister’s call for a ‘new reconciliation’ (october 2007. There are also plans underway for northern territory intervention mark ii the income management provisions introduced as part of cywrt were unprecedented in australian social security law in 2007.

nt intervention aboriginal policy australia While mount isa welfare organisations are alarmed about not being able to provide for the large influx of aboriginal people who have fled the federal government's northern territory intervention, the government is looking to expand this racist bipartisan policy. nt intervention aboriginal policy australia While mount isa welfare organisations are alarmed about not being able to provide for the large influx of aboriginal people who have fled the federal government's northern territory intervention, the government is looking to expand this racist bipartisan policy.
Nt intervention aboriginal policy australia
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